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    Angry ZX553VD-DM970T Gaming laptop

    First, I know that this is supposed to be an entry level gaming laptop, at the ridiculous prices of ROG products in the Philippines, this was a stop-gap purchase for me.

    I would however expect that a laptop that was given the badge of ROG, would actually be able to perform pretty well with some older titles straight out of the box. This is FAR from true. This laptop has two glaring issues right out of the box. First, and the most vulgar of them all, while it is capable of being upgraded to 32GB of DDR4 2400 speed RAM, it came boxed with one stick of 4GB KINGSTON VALUE RAM! Seriously? VALUE RAM? GAMER? Can you put those two together in the same sentence and not get slapped around? At this moment, with the bloatware installed, which I am trying to navigate through with difficulty since I am new to this OS (MS10), the system is running a steady 3.9gb's on a 4 gig system. Basically, it is horrifically slow, and there is no way it can play even the oldest of games without a near meltdown. I have played SOLITAIRE with terrible lagging. SOLITAIRE!!!!!! What the hell is going on?

    This is the first "gamer" laptop I have ever bought, as I have always built my own systems in the past. It should never have been given any promotional material claiming to be a gamer, not even an "almost gamer". With a slow speed platter drive and this cheap, slow, crappy RAM, it is nearly a paperweight.

    I have always been a loyal customer of Asus, having owned many mainboards and video cards, with some winners and losers among them, this is the first time that I am actually angry with Asus, and they should be embarrassed by this model being called a gamer at all.

    To top things off, when I added this laptop to my profile on Asus the first day, it popped up very fast on my list of outdated stuff. It was added automatically by a scan, and listed immediately. Now for some unknown reason, when I open my profile and click on my laptop icon, the link that is supposed to take me to the specs/software/firmware etc is dead, doesn't exist! So I have a true ROG gamer, even Asus doesn't recognize this as one of their products, so it is damn near impossible to get support/updates/BIOS changes etc, because to Asus, my laptop doesn't exit anymore. Here is a screen shot of the idiotic message I get from Asus. Click image for larger version. 

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    So much for having quality and support you can depend on!

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