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    need car adapter advise for G752VL

    I have ASUS ROG G752VL-DH71 laptop and I am wondering if jWIN JA-D2000*car converter,, will be ok to use.

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    Welcome to the forums!
    Check the label under your notebook for the power input requirements which should also match the output specifications label under your AC adapter, but showing the G752VL requires a 180 watt adapter with 19V, 9.5A output.
    We may also use adapters with 19.5V (9.23A) as well which is still 180 watts (19.5V x 9.23A = 180W).

    Anyway, the car charger you linked can only provide 12V maximum which is too low of voltage and can only provide 2000mA or 2A which only works out to 24 watts maximum (12V x 2A = 24W), so is not nearly enough power unfortunately.
    Car chargers seem to have a limit about how much power they can provide, so you may need to find a different solution.

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    You best bet for charging in a car would be to get a small inverter and use your current brick that came with the machine. You can pick up a 500 watt for $30-$40 just about anywhere.

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    Inverter is the only way to go - however...

    The G752VL draws up to 180 Watts. That is a LOT to draw from any normal car power outlet. IF you can actually do it, you're going to need a good inverter. Not some Chinese bargain junk. It should be capable of more than 200 watts output like 250 to 300.

    Get one with a short cord that connects directly to one of the power outlets in the FRONT of your vehicle. Don't use the ones in back. They have a greater voltage drop than the front outlets and you need everything you can get.

    A limitation you are running into here is that many vehicle power adapters are limited by a 20A fuse which means an absolute max of less than 240 watts.

    Needless to say, the G752VL does not draw 180 watts all the time, that is the max. It often draws far less.

    You can also go into Windows power settings and limit the Maximum CPU state to reduce the power draw.

    Also, if you simply must run this beast while traveling, drop the screen res and don't game on SUPER MAX ULTIMATE settings and you will also lower your power requirements.
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    The most important thing also is to add a voltage switch and tell it to cut off power when voltage supplied is under 13v, that way you don't accidentally flatten your Car Battery when you turn off the car.. ;x

    Also, be warned.. using irregular power, especially if you don't use your Laptops brick, can severely cripple the Laptops Battery. ;x
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    Agreed, my suggestions above assume using the original adapter with an inverter. The original adapter is designed to properly regulate under the rapidly changing load of a powerful machine like this. Don't even think about plugging some alternate supply directly into the laptop!

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