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    Exclamation Rx 470 gpu tweak issues


    So since yesterday whenever i go into GPU tweak 2 to change my overclock settings i adjust the sliders to what i want them to be but when i click apply they change to really low figures for some reason? Also i am now unable to adjust the power limit to above 100 like i was able to before. (no i dont have the sliders locked).

    The same issue persists in msi afterburner where i am unable to adjust the core clock and memory clock etc.

    I have tried cleaning my drivers and reinstalling, tried reinstalling GPU tweak and afterburner but i am still unable to adjust my overclock to what i want it to be, alos i am down 10% on my userbenchmark score with my GPU been 52nd percentile compared to its usual 90th percentile?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Use Wattman, it is part of the gpu driver, it gives you more control over the video card.

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    It's definitely driver related, if you can't adjust the settings with the latest graphics driver then you should use DDU to clean out the drivers and try older version drivers.

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