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    GL702VS-RS71 Keyboard backligting unresponsive and Heating issue

    I have this New Laptop (GL702VS-RS71) as an upgrade from my GL502. One thing I notice is that the keyboard backlighting does light up but I cannot change the brightness or turn it off using the FN+F3 and FN+F4 keys. I did reinstall of the ATK package many time even the chipset and etc but to no avail. I can however change the backlight time off by editing thru the regedit of the ATK registry and to some extent the brightness by somewhat tweaking the hexadecimals, but I cant seem to get the right values.. It goes to show that the backlight hardware seems to be functioning. There must be something wrong somewhere.

    Though I have to say that 7 days after getting this unit I had to return this unit back to ASUS center coz it got bricked for no apparent reason and so they say they replaced the motherboard. and another I notice is the Bios version seems to have changed. I haven't paid much attention to the bios version prior to bricking but the UI interface changed so I have to assume that the version also changed. I don't know If this has something to do with the Bios version being changed from 304 to bios 305 because I haven't had the chance to test the backlighting prior to the bricking.

    Need help on this keyboard lighting issue (basically GL702 and GL502 are identical except for the LCD size, right?) Thanks

    Actually I have no heating issue with this laptop. Played Mass effect Andromeda got the tempt to 75-85C with the help of fan boost. Its still acceptable but still a bit high but the simplest way around this issue without undevolting or doing serious tweaking all I do is in the windows power options I just put the maximum processor state in 90% that stabilized the temp to acceptable level. Its just that easy

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