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    Zenith Extreme Beta UEFI 0901

    From Elmor:

    Beta BIOS 0901

    Have not tested this extensively, let me know how it works for you.

    - AGESA
    - Fan fixes from 0012
    - UEFI RAID driver updated (and hopefully back on track)

    Beta BIOS 0804

    * AGESA
    * Hynix 2DPC patch (POST issues with all slots populated)
    * Fan control fixes, including EXT_FAN card
    * PCIEX8/X4_4 lane switching tested and works fine, however, I haven't verified the issue on older BIOS

    Please note, some boards have older firmware for the onboard OLED/Aura, which can cause some strange issues. Update to the version here. Run the .exe from within Windows.

    After applying the update above, you can apply the version here

    UEFI build

    NOTICE: If you already have a SATA RAID configuration, make a backup of the array before updating to this build, then rebuild it once you have flashed the BIOS.

    For more details and instructions regarding the BIOS/RAID driver, please refer to the following

    Revised memory rules
    Fixed CPU temp reporting issue after CMOS clear
    UEFI RAID driver updated
    Secure Erase string update

    UEFI build 0603
    Includes Ai suite patch, RAID driver update, and a patch for Inateck 7-port KTU3FR-5O2U to solve POST issues.

    UEFI build 9960 based on 0601:
    Automatically applies a 2T Command Rate for 2DPC configs when above DDR4-2820.

    UEFI build 0601
    public release build.
    This will be on the support pages soon. Same as the 9910 beta. Please clear CMOS after updating (allow the update to complete fully before doing so!).

    For those of you still experiencing memory instability, try setting a 2T Command Rate.

    Older beta UEFI:

    UEFI beta build 9910
    More memory tuning for dual rank configs

    UEFI beta build 9906

    More DRAM tuning for compatibility/oc
    Added CLDO VDDP Voltage under Tweaker's Paradise
    Also synchronized hwm CPU temp with monitor

    UEFI build 9980

    Improves memory overclocking - again.

    UEFI build 9964

    Improves memory overclocking, and adds 'Ln2 Tune' option to Tweaker's Paradise.

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