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    Need Fans and Rad Connections Help on Zenith Extreme Mobo

    Can someone help me on my fans and rad configuration, pretty please?

    I have a brand new build, haven't even powered it up yet.

    1950x on Zenith Extreme

    128gb GSkill Ram

    Only a single EVGA GTX1050 (I'm not a gamer, this is for heavy statistical analysis work)

    Case is a MeanIT 4pm Cube case

    So here we go (and I realize I'm going overboard on the fans)...

    I've mounted the Enermax Liqtech TR4 240 on the front of the case behind 2 TT Riing Plus 12 RGB, 120mm fans (intake). And these sit beside 2 more of these fans).

    I have 4 more TT Riing Plus fans mounted on the top of the case as exhaust

    And 1 120mm fan at the back as exhaust (at present this is plugged into CHA_FAN1 due to proximity)


    1. Should the Enermax be plugged into CPU_FAN header?

    2. Where should the 2 associated fans be plugged (I was thinking merging them with a splitter into CPU_OPT, but the manual suggests H_AMP_PUMP should be involved.

    3. I am planning to use the EXT_FAN controller, which fans should these drive.

    4. I'd really prefer to keep them all running off of the mobo, it not only for Aura control.

    Thoughts? Thanks much!!!!

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    why do you want so much fan for a case so small ?
    you are going to end up with a lot of noise since that case seem pretty cheap too.

    also its not about having a gazillion fan in the case that will make it better, good fan will give good performance, bad fan will give bad performance, even if you have lots of them, you just end up with more noise ( and more power consumption )

    also for me you have too much exhaust and not enough in, you have if i read correctly

    5 fan for exhaust
    2 fan ( on the radiator) for in

    at least one fan in would be nice to help cool the mobo, since you do heavy duty analysis work on it

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