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    CODE 91: Check CPU - What does it mean

    Hi there,

    ASUS Zenith x399
    Threadripper 1950X
    32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum
    Samsung EVO 960 1TB
    1080 TI

    I'm seeing a "code 91: check CPU"
    What does this mean? Is there a list of these codes somewhere?
    I'm not noticing any performance issues. Everything is running fine. Temps are good. But that code gives me pause, what is it?


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    Unless you tried already, did you try the "Clear CMOS" button on the back IO panel to reset bios?.
    Then choose load optimized defaults in UEFI bios and save it.
    Add your own settings again and check if anything is different.

    Also make sure to have latest firmware for the OLED/Aura. First link in this post.

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