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    new Asus GL502vm got heatsink scratches, dents??? help

    Hi, I need some advice here. I bought a brand new Asus GL502VM from few days ago. I opened the back cover up to put a better SSD in and noticed these massive scratches on heatsink pipes. There are so many of them, the right side is worse, even dents I would say. Obviously that shouldn't be like that right? Should I return the laptop for exchange, if yes is it possible they will tell me I shouldn't have opened it, voided warranty or something? See attached pictures please... Any opinion on how this could happened and possible performance affects wold be appreciated. Thank you!

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    A lot of laptops and things in general where finish isn't a concern will often look rough. Many laptops are the same but your one looks scratched due to the process used for painting part of the copper (red and black coating). A keying process is required, like rubbing it with sand paper so the paint doesn't flake off.

    Performance will not be effected by this and as to the warranty question, depends on the retailer.

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