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    B2 Error - cannot load Video BIOS - when using DIMM.2 Slot


    I called ASUS tech support and they were rather confused, so I figured I would ask in the forum.

    I have an existing NVME (Samsung 960 Pro) in slot one, under the heat sink.

    I have a secondary NVME (Samsung 950 Pro) I would like to use. I have installed the M.2 drive in both of the slots on the DIMM.2 to the same result.

    I have two 1080Ti (ASUS Strix) installed as the video cards in the machine.

    When the DIMM.2 slot is installed, the machine fails to POST and reports the error:
    B2 - Failed to load Video BIOS

    Removing the DIMM.2 slot allows the machine to boot and be fully operational.

    Removing one of the video cards nets the same result.

    Has anyone successfully used the DIMM.2 slot to add an additional NVME to their system? Is there a secondary config option that is necessary in order to enable this functionality on the board?


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