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    Post Warning - check your case type before buying motherboards with bluetooth

    Something to be aware of if, like me, this never even crossed your mind during a build: bluetooth signals from motherboards like the Maximus IX Code cannot penetrate steel PC cases.

    I confirmed this by first emailing the manufacturer of my BeQuiet! DarkBase case who confirmed the case's material. Next I opened the case and my earphones connected immediately to the Maximus IX Code motherboard's built-in bluetooth signal. Replacing the case disconnected the earphones. I repeated this 2 or 3 times with the same result. The earphones were no more than a foot away from the motherboard.

    There is no information anywhere that I could find which mentions bluetooth signal strength through case material.

    Just something else for builders to keep in mind if they intend on using a motherboard's built-in bluetooth. Hope it helps!

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