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    About RMA outside USA

    Hi, my GTX Strix 1070 OC finally died after several days of artifacts, it seems to be VRAM failing, Windows restarts over and over again when I have the card installed so nothing I can do now.

    My issue here is that I'm from Argentina, I bought the card through Amazon several Months ago and send it to USA friend who came to Argentina last month, but I checked and VGA has local warranty so I must do RMA in USA I guess.

    Can I send it to Asus through UPS or something like that for warranty? Or can I send it to someone there to send it to warranty in my place?

    There's anything I can do?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi there,

    For your case you would need to ask your friend who is living in the US to help you RMA it. I believe it may cause confusion if you send it in for RMA but the sender address is from Argentina. Best for you to send it to your friend then contact local customer service to arrange for RMA and then have your friend ship it in for RMA. Please let me know if you encounter any other issues or have any other questions.


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