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    120Hz Gaming Laptop, Is It Worth It? Ft. ASUS ROG G701VIK

    While gaming monitors moved way past 144Hz, most Gaming Laptops still feature a 60Hz display. It works fine of course and not many people are complaining about it. So when a laptop has a 144Hz display, is it worth it?

    Chris from battlenonsense made a video about the G701VIK, focusing on the 120hz Gsync panel.
    He does a very good job explaining the benefit of a high refresh rate displays and Gsync, and comparing IPS vs TN ghosting

    For gaming laptops:

    1. 120hz FHD > 4K UHD

    2. 144hz > 120hz

    3. For most gamers IPS > TN (colors, viewing angles)

    4. For sensitive expert gamers TN > IPS (TN has lower response times)
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