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    Is G73JW 3DE market ready?especially South east asia.. name is jack..and i live in bali..i can't speak english fluently,so i hope you understand..
    I'm a big fans ROG..especially for G73JW 3DE..but i haven't buy it yet..Is it G73JW 3DE ready in the market now??
    Because i do really want to have it..No one sell it in Indonesia..In asus officially website i can't find G73JW 3DE..
    How i can get this stuff?
    Thanks before dude..

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    apparently even in Canada is hard to find this model, usually they TAKE ORDER only... they are very limited and you should contact local dealer for Asus....
    I,myself, was trying to get this laptop in thailand before come back to canada, apparently in thailand they dont really ordered it in, it comes very limited, usually if u ordered, it depends on how often the shipment(From sea) come to your country!..

    My recommendation is to buy it online, find a trusted seller from Taiwan should make thing little faster for you...

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