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    BATTLE ROYAL - PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds 2017


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    You can Call it Survival Skills, Tactical, Blood Rage for killing, Battle Royal, PuBg as it is called in Short gives everything a Gamer needs. It is a Ground breaking Online Massively Played Multiplayer shooting game. Even though it is in Early Access , The Game has already sold millions of copies and overtaking the Giants DOTA 2 & CSGO as the most played Game on Steam.

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    Every Game Starts the Same way, But the Games ability to make us Experience new adventures every round keeps us hooked on for hours. The Battle Style of Battle Royal - Death Match with utter Simplicity gives the game an edge for new players.


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    The PUBG in its Early Access gives us an huge Island with 8x8 KM. At a time around 100 Players join a server and pick a place to Jump out of the Airplane with a parachute carries them on to the island. This is also a big decision, By jumping early you get the advantage of reaching ground early but you may also be far from the center of the action packed area which you will inevitably move towards. Calculating the jump where you are going to land will give you an edge over other players by surviving more and getting proper items for fighting. Jumping right in the center in large cities will place you right in the middle of action where the most player drops.

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    As you descend upon the island you will have a good look around if there are any-other players landing nearby and you may get on a fist fight with them were the killing starts. Players start to look for basic items like back pack, helmet, vests, healing items to a large pool of guns which are randomly available around the map in the isolated houses or the big cities with apartments.

    So as you gather the items for your survival, it is not un-common for you to get killed early with another player camping in the house or waiting for you to get out of a house. The Game requires a huge mix of strategy, Audio sense & willing to survive. As the time runs on there is force field around the island which shrinks in time making the players come towards each other. If you are caught napping outside the force field then your health starts to reduce until you run or drive a car, bike, jeep inside the circle. When the health reduces to the minimum point then you automatically die there.

    The Alive counter on top right of the screen starts to reduce from 100 as players die by various means. So it is exhilarating to keep watch on how many players are alive at the moment for your chance to fight and finish at the top.

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    PUBG with Asus ROG GL502VS:

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    We played the game with our GL502VS and we were able to get 60 FPS easily on the ultra settings. Keeping in mind the game is still in early Access with a lot of bugs to be fixed, the demand for a good machine to play is compulsory. The GL502VS performed with ultra smooth game play and giving a competitive edge on other players with proper framing, colors and texture.

    Below is the Game Play video of PUBG with a GL502VS:

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    great game, players over 30 millions.... and Sonic Radar dont work fine in this game.... please asus fix it

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