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    Help with G751 screen no display after waking from sleep - solved?

    Hello all, I just gotten an used G751 it has win 10 installed.

    Issue i am having is if I use the "Sleep" mode in window and come back to the laptop later it will power on but display is black. I know the back light is working as i can see the grow. I plugged into a monitor and nothing. only way to fix this is hold the power button down and wait for it to turn off, than press power button again and the display is working again.

    Laptop is clean install, I updated bio to 211. update the video driver. Geforce version 385.41
    I also read the forum link for the G751 I downed the ATK so i can now control the keyboard lights.

    One thing that is weird is that once I turn on the laptop after "sleep" i first thought it was just something to do with the video card. But now i think it could be something else. The keys back lights up red full power, and even if I press the FN + F3 the lights are no longer turning down and off.

    Any suggestions on what I should try next?

    there are not much software on this laptop just Avast Antivirus, Steam, Malwarebytes, and 2 games.

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