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    Has anyone been able to fix this yet in 2019 as I have the same problem as OP I had a GTX Titan 6GB (black) go faulty on me after 6-7 years so I bought a new NVidia RTX 2070 and now I have my monitor going into power save mode because of no signal from video card every now and then (a day or so), my Titan and system had no issues till I put the 2070 in. I have never over clocked my system the only change prior to installing the 2070 was I removed 32GB ram from a 64GB ram kit and updated one of the Bios's so I still have the old Bios which I will go back to and try an old video card but all up is there a fix to this yet I am using the latest driver for the 2070 and 4 weeks ago there was a previous version before the one im using now so the new one does not work too. The only way to return to normal operation is to turn the PC off and reboot and if I had music playing at the time it keeps playing but I use VLC with repeat on but the track does not repeat and on my last crash I had a Q code of "50" but in the manual there is no Q code for this, I have a Corsair H100i CPU water cooler and the static red light I have set goes to the default 3 colour change so somewhere in all this my iCUE software stops working.

    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition
    Intel i7 4930k CPU
    Corsair Vengeance 1866 32GB
    Samsung 860 Pro 512GB
    NVidia RTX 2070
    Corsair AX1200i PSU
    Asus ROG Front Panel
    Corsair H100i CPU cooler

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