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    Good idea leaving a laptop plugged-in?

    Does anyone know if it's a good idea to leave a laptop plugged-in even when the battery is already fully charged?

    I got myself a decent laptop last month for college (FX553VE) and I was thinking about downloading some games from Steam. I've successfully installed a few and I've noticed that the gameplay is much more fluid whenever the laptop is charging. Also, knowing how slow the internet here in my country is, I knew that downloading anything bigger than 3GB would take quite some time and that this would probably mean that I'd have to leave it plugged-in overnight so that the downloads would go smoothly without the risk of having a low battery disrupt it.

    I've had another laptop a couple of years ago which had a battery that wouldn't charge anymore because I left it plugged-in, even after the battery was already at a 100% and I was wondering if the same kind of practice with my new laptop would result in the same problem.

    Yes, it seems kind of stupid to even bother asking whether it's a good idea after having already done it before. It's just that I've Googled the question recently, and there's this stuff about how laptop batteries stop charging after reaching a 100% and the laptop is just fed power directly from the charger. I went here to ask you guys because I thought that I could probably get a more solid answer here.

    (Also, new guy here. Hi! )

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