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    hello every one in this thread i saw many threads about armoury and spatha mouse and now i tell my problem who if find with those two basically with Armoury app my mouse thanks god is ok i bought my spatha yesterday and i download the latest version of armoury and installed after that i connect my dock and upgraded to the latest version and the same with my mouse i have 1.69 of my mouse when i put my mouse to charge the armoury app does not show the correct % of charging for example when i put my mouse to charge at 20% battery when charging the app does not show the 21% 22% etc i need to press x on the app and i reopened from the tray icon and every time the same
    The battery life indicator does not show in real-time, because battery status doesn't change in a short period of time. By polling every few minutes, CPU utilization is reduced and battery consumption is less when wireless.

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