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    Angry Vive, bluetooth with the WIFI version of the CrossHair VI Hero

    I am having issues with the Bluetooth not communicating well with the Vive base stations; I can't get them to shutdown via Bluetooth from the Steam's VR interface settings. The Vive system comes with a Bluetooth, its part of the USB module for the headset. I think the Bluetooth in it only contacts the units for tracking and not to send a turn off signal. On my last machine it worked with another little USB Bluetooth stick. Seems that I can't just disable Bluetooth on the motherboard and use the USB one. Whatever I try I can't seem to get the base stations to power down.

    When I try to disable WiFi on the bios does not disable the Bluetooth. I am about to tear off the back cover and see if I can remove WiFi card from the motherboard and see if that disables Bluetooth.

    Anyone else running into this issue and if so, found a solution?


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