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    Z170 is the issue after all!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nate152 View Post
    Let us know the outcome.
    Well, here I am with it!

    Finally had some time today to swap the cpus between presumed faulty z170 and secondary z270 systems. So, lo and behold, g4560 in z170 pro gaming couldn't post with memory set to 3000 and 3200 (tried both kits just for the sake of full testing), while it's 6700k predecessor started up like a charm in rog z270i with memory set to 3200. Which leads me to be 100% sure now, something's going wrong with my mobo. Happy it's not 6700k as it's a more expensive component to replace comparing to my mobo.

    Now, what's the best way to contact service and initiate an RMA? Is the case like this even properly covered? I'm afraid there might be something else going on with that mobo, cause sometimes it was reporting "no keyboard found" during boot/reboot lately, leading me to believe it's failing slowly and I don't wanna risk my components waiting for some circuitry fail damaging something else. Will appreciate advice.

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