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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    I don't think we are understanding each other very well.
    1st and foremost if you just dumped $3K+ on an X299 rig whats another couple hundred bucks for the best ram you can get?

    I need the capacity but what is missing from a lot of memory discussion is the real factor of how with increased speed the latency also increases. It does no good to have all the clock cycles if you spent them waiting to commit a charge.

    Just one example same manufacturer Gskill Trident Z

    3200 MHz CL 13
    13/3200x1000=4.06 milliseconds

    3466 MHz CL 14
    14/3466x1000=4.03 milliseconds

    4266 MHz CL 19
    19/4266x1000=4.45 milliseconds

    This was just a quick grab some results are even more extreme but in this case the 3200 MHz and 3466 MHz memory are actually faster then the 4266 by nearly 10%.

    Compare any of these to Chinos test sample and they are all faster.

    Corsair 4133MHz CL 19
    19/4133x1000=4.59 milliseconds.

    In the end, speed and throughput isn't about clock speeds. One must take all the attributes into account and do the math.
    you are totally confused by ram speed and access times. Its depends on the type of test. Skylake ipc scales with ram speed. Ryzen leans towards access times.
    His low bandwidth is because of the auto values that runs tccd above 0
    Then y are you running 4k c17?? @ a silly tref and totally unstable timings thats seems to be mainly asus preset on apex
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