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    T303UA + ROG XG Station 2

    Hello all \o/

    A summary: Will the T303UA get a bios update to be able to get PCIe 3.0 x4 speeds?

    I have a T303UA + ROG XG Station 2 (Since seeing it like 2 years ago, was a dream to have this). While I was looking at the state of eGPU setups, I came across information about reduced speeds. Uh oh, so went ahead and set everything up and ran CUDA-Z

    As expected, needed to address XG Station TI-83 board. CUDA-Z shows Host -> Device running Host -> device running at ~1000 MB/s. No problem ASUS already has a patch available and theres a bunch of links pointing at it. Went ahead and updated it and restart the tablet.

    Ran CUDA-Z again. This time Host -> device shows up as ~1500 MB/s. \o/ an improvement! But wait shouldn't I be getting ~2000 MB/s?

    Well apparently there a thing with U-series 6th generation CPUs. I come across this thread (sorry for external URL)

    Okay, maybe Asus has something for me, go to the support page for the T303UA and updated firmware/drivers. Reboot, still getting ~1500 MB/s. Hmmm, well this is basically consistent with PCIe 3.0 x2 speeds. So it would seem like there needs to be a bios update to or be able to increase that to PCIe x4 speeds.

    For reference: Using a GTX 960 + external monitor. No other peripherals connected

    Thanks for your time \o/
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