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    ASUS ROG G701VI-XS78K replacement screen

    I have a used G701VI-XS78K my screen got busted and I am trying to get a replacement panel, I was able to find a used Lid from a dead unit on Ebay but it had no LCD panel in it as it was parted out, My entire lid had to be replaced anyway but I need to find out what my replacement panel part number or manufacturer number is, anyone on here with their working G701VI with the 1080P matte screen can you look at your monitor properties and get me your hardware ids listed so I can cross trace this panel for a replacement, mine was a used demo unit when I purchased it and the seller removed the labels from it so I cannot do a warranty replacement so I wanted to just purchase the panel outright but I am having a heck of a time finding the panel needed. Asus support is not being helpful.

    Most laptop LCD sites do not list the exact panel, they list a "replacement" panel which is not the same 120hz version this was equipped with. They are all 60hz.

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