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    ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 - Audio DAC (SupremeFX)

    Like many of you, I've had issues with this stupid Audio DAC since day 1. ASUS has been crap about it from releasing half assed unsigned drivers to not releasing drivers in an acceptable timeframe.

    During my adventures, I have noticed something interesting. First off, in the SupremeFX Hi-Fi control center I noticed the volume (next to "High speed") was all the way down, with no way to turn up. The headphone impedance detects 1 every time. Swapping between 6.3mm and 3.5mm does nothing.

    Let's break it down, note this is my best guess.
    1) The control panel communicates with the service SvAuxSrv.exe
    2) SvAuxSrv.exe communicates with Window's audio management
    3) The drivers handles the hardware communication

    Now, how many of you actually see SvAuxSrv.exe running? I know in my case, it was nowhere to be found. I launched it by chance and things instantly worked. I honestly do not think this is related to the drivers themselves, but rather the SvAuxSrv.exe. In my case, I lose audio after 2-3 hours. Rebooting doesn't fix it. Well of course it doesn't, because the SvAuxSrv.exe isn't being launched. When it fails I kill the SvAuxSrv.exe in the task manager and reload it. Boom. Audio is back.

    If someone wants to be a guinea pig, make sure you have the latest version and a non-working dac. The file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\SupremeFX_Hi-Fi\SvAuxSrv.exe

    If this turns out to be the issue, I'll happily code something up to fix the issue since we all know ASUS won't get around to it.

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