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    win 10 ai suite problems

    rampage 6E 7900x clean install of win 10 1703 updated to bios 802, runs fine unless you open the ai suite on the desktop--it then turns the system into molasses in january, very unresponsive shortly requiring killing the ai suite in task manager to regain control and functionality of the system would add that i couldn't install win 10 build 1703 with bios 802 but switch to the second bios that had 702 on it allowed an install to a samsung nvme 960 evo drive-also could run the samsung firmware updater on either bios 702 or 802, once it has been killed system returns to normal operation at a normal speed. also need an image of the r6e pen drive as mine came blank and would like the proper software and drivers on the pen drive as it is supposed to be, be happy if asus support or someone else could post an image file

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