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    I fixed my asus rog centurion mic!

    Hey guys. Name's Mike. Have had the too quiet, too bassy problem with my 7.1 centurion mic just like everyone else despite trying literally every fix i know as a computer builder... but... TODAY IS THE DAY. Please feel free to share this information if you find it helpful. Turn your mic boost in windows manage audio devices screen to 70% ish, the sensitivity on the mic setting on the amp to 80%... stay with me I know you've all "already tried that"... then where you have 3 holes on the tip of the mic... take a pin, heat it up and very carefully burn the other 2 holes through about 1.5 mm. DONT GO TOO DEEP. I know this sounds ridiculous but my mic literally sounds as clear as any mic i've ever owned. All my friends recognize me and I have no more problems. The shroud on the tip is simply terribly designed. Again be careful not to burn through to any hardware (only melt a hole in the plastic shroud) but my god it works!... and WELL!!! Good luck all!

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