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    Quote Originally Posted by Silent Scone View Post
    4.9 is very optimistic, even for good samples and non AVX loads. 4.8 might be achievable, very good sample you've got there with the applied voltage.

    A lot of the time you're limited by the contact between the die and the heat spreader, so good cooling will only get you so far unless you opt to delid.

    It looks like this might be the case with mine - I have a big MO-RA 420 Pro external rad with 9X ML140 Pros & Dual D5s plus EK Monoblock. Water temps are not my issue and my 1080Ti never exceeds 40C even overclocked (2065Mhz + 12Ghz RAM). (That is now with Summer Ambients hitting 26-27C during the day)

    My 7940X however if bumped to 4.7Ghz all cores (need 1.22V) some cores hit the 100s under stress testing. So for now I have 4 Cores @ 4.7Ghz , 4 Cores @ 4.6Ghz and the rest at 4.2 GHz and stock voltage.

    I have not delided but it looks like I will have to in order to improve temps. For the moment though performance is excellent for me as it is so I might enjoy the warranty a little bit more.
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