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    Would love to be able to control individual leds (like Thermaltake do for their AIO/ led strips/ fans)

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    AURA Terminal Support

    Please add support for the ASUS Aura Terminal to Armoury Crate II and Aura Creator. Currently the terminal shows up in Armoury Crate II but you cannot control each addressable header individually. In my opinion this defeats the purpose of the terminal. To make matters worse Aura Creator doesn't even show the terminal at all. Do you not support your own product anymore?

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    To be honest, when I first started messing with the computer LEDs, I saw this awesome video of a person who had set up his computer to extend a Hatsune Miku video to every last LED in his system, including fans, mouse, keyboard, etc...

    Well, needless to say that's impossible in Aura. So with that....

    1. I'd like better control for the Aura Terminal. I feel like as things are it's pretty clunky and clumsy. I'd also love the ability to extend the halo effect to the entire LED system. This needs to be ingrained within Aura itself. Anything that requires you to "unsync" aura needs to be reworked.

    2. I would like the ability to customize the colors or otherwise change the music effects. Kinda feel like none of the existing effects go with the kind of moods I'd set with my music.

    3. Aura creator needs a *lot* of work. It has never been able to see my video card, and suddenly can't see my motherboard anymore. I lost aura light pattern options moving to Armory crate from the old aura, presumably so I could use Aura Creator to get them.
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    Here is my small list

    These feature requests are for both the standalone Aura app and Aura in Armoury Crate.

    • More default Aura Effects
    • Work with Corsair to be able to easily control their RGB memory. I'm tired of installing extra software and addons/plugins.
    • Put a toggle to allow us to turn off the live dash when shutting down
    • Bring all Aura functions in to Armoury Crate
    • The ability to have each ARGB header do different lighting effects independently/simultaneously.
    • Plus update the GUI on both Aura Sync app and Armoury Crate. They both are sluggish and look quite dated compared to other motherboard manufacturer's RGB software.
    • Give us the option to not pause lighting when the screen turns off (I don't mean when sleeping or hibernating)

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    You know what i'm gonna say!

    Fix Armoury Crate... that is all

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    Angry ARMOURY CRATE .... full of issues

    Dear Asus ROG, look at my profile, I have everything, literally EVERYTHING ROG.
    Why your Armoury crate is such a crap?
    Sometime AURA do not light up some devices,
    sometime it doesn't recognize some peripherials,
    sometime suddenly stop to work and light effects are all messed up,
    sometime ASUS update armoury crate and boom! doesn't work anymore.
    Sometime yes it works .... but sometime sometime sometime random issues ...
    ALL my system is ROG and it ain't CHEAP!
    Also same Armoury crate crap issues happens in my ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX701!
    I expect from ASUS more professionality.
    Before reply to me kindly note:
    I am an IT professional working in IT and assembling my custom PC since the Intel 286 and MS dos came out more than 30 years ago so don't ask if my driver are installed correctly or windows or anything else. Simply make your softwares more reliable!
    Thank you
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    I would like reliability to be the #1 priority, the update added some very nice features, but broke my RGB when it updated, i reinstalled windows, and it was amazing for 2 hours till it broke again. Features are worthless if they do not work.

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    OpenRGB can see my ram individually, it would be nice if this would too.

    I would love it if I could control my razer mouse and my evga card.

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    Could you please add ambilight like feature? Changing colours based on whats on screen?

    I connected many leds stripes to addressable header and could be attached around the monitor.

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    In game lighting effects

    Quote Originally Posted by AkaNe0 View Post
    You have a new feature idea to be implemented in AURA? Then share it and described it in this thread!

    Just wish more games had in game lighting effects.. like Destiny 2 or Black ops: Cold War, just like a simple light that comes one when you turn on your flashlight or something. I know its probably the game devs job to make it work, but is there anything you can do to make them more prevalent in today's games?

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