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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    We are already looking into having different effects for each single device. This will definitely be a good feature to have.

    Quote Originally Posted by dray2na View Post
    Event based aura-modes would be nice. I'd love my whole setup to switch to "breathe" mode when my PC is not being used for a few minutes.

    Some other examples:
    - Let components turn red as soon as they reach a critical temperature (without forcing you to use only the temperature mode)
    - Some kind of blinking on notifications
    - Startup / Shutdown animations
    - Switch to a certain mode or turn off when starting a fullscreen application

    In my imagination this should be easy to implement for some of the events at least
    Those are nice idea.

    For the first, need to use the smart mode.
    And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

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    Hello there! I run a 3 color theme in my build. I would like to see an option to choose what colors get cycled through on the rgb connected devices. I don't want the entire rainbow. Can this be done? Thanks! Happy New Year to everyone!

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    F0x135 PC Specs
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    Time of day profiles?

    My case is a Meshify C, which has a very dark tinted glass and a perfect compliment to Aura. Rainbow is perfect during daytime, but at night even with the tinted glass, becomes too bright.

    I switch Aura to a dark color and set to one of the always' modes so its less intrusive during nightime.

    Is it possible to add on a time of day setting and attach an Aura profile to it? eg RAINBOW from 6am-6PM then STARRY NIGHT from 6PM-6AM?

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    GeekhomeGamer PC Specs
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    My two cent is

    From the old AURA and the NEW the scene ( flash and dash ) have different behaviour

    in old aura the RAM blink "alone for each bank"
    in the new RAM blink " 2 stick at time"

    please implement

    "Single or Twin blinking" features "AND" a simple SCENE ( CREATOR ) is MUCH MUCH appreciated...

    after Editor implementation you can open a Contest for ( Rog AURA CONTEST ) and a new section on the forum for " Community AURA DOWNLOADABLE Scenes".. User Content Creations works really well nowadays.

    i think is not to hard to implement and trust me , implement SCENE Creator as soon as possible ( BEFORE ) your competitors.

    you can call it "Live AURA / AURA PRO / AURA Live".

    nice ?.

    the final touch is

    Implement a "Firmware STORE FUNCTION" for selected SCENE... ( but please don't sell another new motherboard to implement!... i'm sure that you can create 5 slot 4KB each from the actual FW Nand.

    when system boot up is not possible to see the scene effect before AURA OS services starts... and loading this aura profiles takes about 2 seconds. If you implement a FIrmware scene store the entire process starts WHEN the system starts.

    My vote for dray2na... useful features expecially notifications blinking.

    - Let components turn red as soon as they reach a critical temperature (without forcing you to use only the temperature mode)
    - Some kind of blinking on notifications
    - Startup / Shutdown animations
    - Switch to a certain mode or turn off when starting a fullscreen application

    if you have an open sdk i can write some line of codes and you can implement it into AURA software ( but i'm too lazy to design even the UI page ).

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    ROG Member Array OutDevour PC Specs
    OutDevour PC Specs
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    Exclamation Too Many Software

    Well I understand that different people and teams are working on different products, drivers and software.
    But running such amount of devices in market have its own problems and would be great to solve them, not only keep running new models with no care about users and your loyal clients.
    What are those Light Control for GPU, Aura, GPU tweak smthn, armoury, and bunch of other software for sound, and specific types of products. I was really charmed by all this sync perfect lightning stuff and bought well everything possible for my setup from ROG set:

    Asus ROG Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC)
    Asus ROG Strix 1080 TI O11G
    Asus ROG Claymore RGB (Cherry MX Brown)
    Asus ROG Pugio RGB

    and yet I have to download bunch of software and drivers which doesnt work well with each other and more, doesnt work well themselves.
    Aura doesnt see GPU lighting unless GPU lighting app is installed. And after installing its possible to control GPU from Aura. So why cant you just put it inside? Im sure its possible, if hardware model is problem, there are many ways to solve it. Just download required drivers online INSIDE AURA if there are too many of them.
    Next, Armoury. Thats wonderful, to simply change some features in my mouse or keyboard i open Armoury, it gives me error - one or more devices are synced, I have to close it, open aura, turn off my 2HOURS_CONFIGURED_LIGHT_SETUP (Exclude periferals), then open armoury again, do the changes, then go back open AURA and set up my lighting service again. Like WUUUT? Hello im gamer btw using gamers hardware of yours, I have to be able to do that during short Alt+Tab. I dont have time for 322 operations and restarts.
    And very often after Applying light changes it just stuck, with infinite loading, some troubles accessing hardware i guess, then i force close them, uninstall-restart-install gpu lightning and again start aura.
    And lightning keeps being lagged and turn-off (pc) mode keep doing whatever it want after 1 successful run. (after reconfugure to totally turn off rgb, it works, but second turn off makes Motherboard only light again)
    I was strongly considering buying headset even though there is no good one yet (design is not match nor ROG nor Strix, shape and RGB really poor, but whatever) but i thought it will bring another separate app and bunch of drivers over each other and buggy rgb sync and desided to go for another model. Its really sad cause its gonna be only non-rog peripheral out there.

    Why cant you just do as perfectionist, bring EVERYTHING in 1 software. All detection, drivers downloading, installing and auto-upgrading, all lighting, ONLY SINGLE SOFTWARE is more than required. I really expected that when was going for ROG, its what everyone expects, yet I dont regret and would go again as I really like hardware i got even though expensive, but premium price needs some premium solution to be provided. Single Software Studio for everything is when I and most users for sure can say - I love ROG products.
    After all, mostly people, who spent much money on their PC care about them, how clean they are. And bunch of terrible software doesnt help it.

    PS: yes Im writing it with latest bios, firmware and software. i end up deleting all those bunch of software with annoying and creepy design and space in tray several times (i know and I do hide them from tray and auto start) but still really annoying cause i need them and have to install again

    Please ROG, make single software, simple, ergonomic and no buggy. Its not difficult, but if you make one strong fundamental app with good architecture, you can add more features to it whatever new model of hardware you make. And damn everyone will love it, im sure im not the first and last asking for it, every review of devices in every possible internet resource have similar user-confusion comments.
    And I know its possible, Im developer myself, I run Kernel level Drivers along with software and hardware, and very informed about field. Just make your developers and designers and software architecors or whatever - work on same wave. Thank you, everyone waits
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    KeksimusMaximus PC Specs
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    CaseNZXT S340 Elite
    Power SupplySeasonic Prime Gold 650
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    A mode where LED change colour depending on what colour dominates your main monitor screen.

    The challenging one would be real time change to anything that happens on screen. You watch movie/play game and character enters dark cave? Lights go off as screen is mostly black/dark. There is bright day on your screen video/game? Majority of screen is bright yellow/orange so your LEDs follow.

    The easy mode would be only and only based on your current desktop which is 100% possible. Even windows has a feature like this (to detect main colour on the desktop wallpaper) that can change accent colour of elements depending whats on wallpaper. All needed to do is to "teach" Aura to recognise it to and then drive LEDs accordingly.
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    i have a great idea.

    instead of focusing on new features Make-Your-Software-Work for everyone.

    the internet is flodded with problems and solutions about this software.i have the privilige of having an issiue not solved by any solution.

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    It would be great if you can adjust the colors yourself when setting smart

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    The work flow is backwards for color picking or needs adjustment. Say i want to apply different colors to different addresses (RGB Memory for example), but some of the same colors. I have to go to each rgb item and adjust the colors it would be nice to be able to select a set of addresses to apply the colors to instead of going to each one and applying the same settings multiple times. If i want everything one color that is fine, but I don't always want one color.

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    How about the ability to control the brightness of each item? You can make things dimmable?


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