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    Question about M.2 and PCIe slots on ASUS Hero VIII Alpha

    Hi All,

    Just a quick question because I am not sure if I understand the manual correctly.

    I have M.2 populated and operating in PCIe mode. According to instructions it means that slot PCIe4_3 will be automatically disabled because M.2 is sharing PCIe lines with it.

    But in other part of instruction it also says that if slot PCIe4_3 is operating in 4x mode slots PCIe1_2 and 1_3 will be disabled... so does that mean that if I have populated M.2 slot with NVme drive operating at x4 speed that not only the 4_3 but also 1_2 and 1_3 slots will be disabled effective leaving me with one slot of Vid card operating at full speed x16 and one expansion slot PCIe1_1 operating at 1x speed so just one PCIe expansion slot for whole MB?

    I would appreciate clarification.


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