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    Asus Armoury and Claymore problems

    Armoury has been nothing but trouble since inception. The Spatha works great, best mouse ive ever used actually. However the Claymore is another story. Not only is it EXTREMELY limited compared to my previous Corsair keyboards as far as lighting and profiles but the software is just so buggy.

    When I first start Armory it always comes up blank and i have to click wrench, attempt firmware update, let it crash, then boot up and it works. So finally there is an update for the Claymore. I started firmware update it said completed but now it says:

    Software Version: 1.01.27
    80% Firmware Version: 1.06.00

    Whats up with 80% No wonder it doesn't work right lol. Also when I do software update each time it says critical update available, I start download, it finishes and installs and says completed but then if I click software update again it just keeps repeating this process.

    On top of all of this my W, E, S, and D keys are all slightly dimmer than rest of the keys. Annoying but more concerned about software issues. I want to love this keyboard someone please help! Thanks for reading.

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