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    ASUS G750JS has been coffeed. Can I replace the keyboard with any language keyboard?

    As the title says, I accidentally spilled coffee in my poor keyboard PC...
    Luckly it didn't damage the computer but the keyboard is dead, it acts super weird. It's not dead completely but it writes random letters, press window key, random Fs, escape and the "x" and number "1" all the time... In order to stop it from working (uninstalling the driver from the device manager was pointless) I had to install a japanese driver to completely stop it from working at all. Right now, I can use the PC because I just plug a USB keyboard.
    I started surfing on the net looking for a replacement for my keyboard since, to be honest after almost 6 years, most of the keys were in pretty bad shape anyways and I was thinking of eventually getting a new one... From all the official sites the part "90NB04J1-R31US1" is unavaible. Here's the link to the official Asus store:|l

    Surfing a bit more got me that almost no one has the US version of the keyboard available for sale, the thing is I finally found one and it's quite expensive (it's in AE for those wondering, I dunno if I can name those sites here). Also, I found Bulgarian or Russian version of the keyboard at half the price on eB, but I dunno if I will have any problem using them, the thing that scares me is the PN: "90NB04J1-R31BG1" for the Bulgarian one for example, note that the only difference is of course, the BG over the US.. In the picture the keyboard looks exactly the same as the US version but with Bulgarian alphabet also printed on it... if it actually works the same than the regular US keyboard but it will cost me less than HALF, I want to just use that one, but also, I want to be sure that it will work normally, I add here some photos to see the comparison

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't know the answer but if you find out please let us know. I would think there might be a different firmware to enable the Fn toggles for special characters but whether the hardware is any different I don't know.
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    I'm taking the risk and going for the BU one... I asked to the guy that offered the US version and said he sold out, it looks like no one has the US version available... the keyboard looks exactly the same, only difference is the rare letters printed on green which I don't really care, I hope it works... in 5 to 10 days I'll know

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    Hello ZLiNK,
    We would not suggest to use a keyboard from another language.
    The punctuation marks might not be the same either.
    Please kindly send your device to service center.
    Thank you.

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    There should be absolutely no difference. The letters and symbols should be controlled only from the language pack/key bindings installed in Windows. My latest ASUS laptop even has no Cyrillic letters, although bought from Bulgaria (in contrast to the previous ones).

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