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    The IA AC/DC load lines are for adaptive and offset mode, not manual. If you're using manual mode, use a lower LLC value, like 4 or 5.

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    Was seeing up to 1.45v with my Z370-F and an 8700K using 100% default settings. After reading this thread I set those IA AC/DC values to 0.01 and now I'm getting 1.295v max. The 420 UEFI is seriously messed up, ppl might slowly fry their CPUs without realizing. And yes, that SVID best/worst case setting does nothing, also when I activate XMP and say no to using MCE the setting doesn't change from Auto to Disabled.

    edit: Just now saw that there's a new 0428 BIOS (and 5430 Beta), gonna try that later, just wish the changelogs would be a bit more extensive (the 5xxx ones don't get anything at all).

    edit2: No, 0428 didn't change anything.

    edit3: 0430 is working much better.
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