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    Issues with ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q - Automatic factory reset, OSD error, new menu, etc

    The issue:
    This panel has been doing weird stuff since approximately two days ago. It has been working superb since I bought it in summer, but it suddenly started to behave like this. I will point out what I had experienced so far with the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q.

    First, the HDMI option is not working well and if the OSD button is pressed when the monitor is connected to the HDMI port it auto-factory resets.

    Second, the monitor is also acting weird with a Display Port (which I use as main) because it auto-factory resets on each computer shut down or restart.

    Third, when the cable is disconnected it also auto resets itself. The first thing I see when this happens is the monitor flashing red, blue, green and white colors when off signal or on standby.

    Fourth, when the monitor recovers itself it sends me to the "Light in Motion" screen where I select from level 0 to 3. I have to do this all the time since two days ago. The monitor flashes those colors even if it is not connected to the PC.

    Fifth, the OSD menu of the monitor seems to be glitched as-well. I will share a video on how it looks.

    Sixth, a new menu appeared with information about the monitor and several options that were not there. I had not seen this menu before. I will post a picture below.

    But do note, if I don't reset the computer, shut down or disconnect any cables. The monitor seems to be fine (resolution and 240hz refresh rate), but it doesn't matter. This is because if I tweak the monitor options to lets say, put FPS mode instead of Racing mode. Or if I put the Adaptive Contrast or modify the Dark Boost option it doesn't save as far as I restart or shut down the computer. Even if I put the computer to sleep it does that. So, it is incredibly annoying that a $599usd monitor is doing this. Remember that this monitor was fine since I bought it. It started to do this since two days ago.

    A little bit of background on how I run this monitor.
    I have a PC with a Nvidia GTX 1080. I have a 4K display and three 1080p displays. One of these 1080p displays is the ASUS ROG Swift pg258q.
    So far I tried:
    -Different cables
    -HDMI cable
    -Manually factory reset the monitor (several times, it's useless to do this).
    -Tried different ports on the graphics card (3x display ports available). This is the only monitor from the other three I have that does this.
    -I disconnected all the cables from the monitor (except power cable) to see if it was the PC. The monitor is the one at fault since it continues to flash green, blue, red and white colors.
    -I tried to deactivate the options on the factory menu that appeared, but it does not help, only hides the menu, but returns when another automatic factory reset occurs.

    There is this weird menu that wasn't there before. I can access it after the monitor self-factory resets itself by pressing the fourth button from bottom to top:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JFG Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 4.jpg 
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    This is the error in the OSD menu:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JFG Asus Monitor OSD menu 1.jpg 
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    Here is a video showing the issue:

    Note: I already contacted support. I just sent a reply with a couple of videos and pictures of this issue. I am waiting for a reply at moment. I decided to post here in case anybody knows a solution. This is because it seems to me like the monitor entered a developer mode, or something similar like a debug mode in a video-game, but it's just what I think. Maybe the monitor is in fact faulty.

    Edit: typos and format.

    Edit 2: Issue fixed! please look at my third post below for more information.
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