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    2 Months later I get a response from what appears to be senior level management (Name and info withheld to protect the innocent) that may be finding a resolution. Ill post back if this is resolved within a few days and hopefully can become an ambassador that ASUS is going to make this right.
    I have two R6E and two R6A. I'm confident that Asus is doing what they can to remedy this. I was also expecting for this to be solved and I also bought 3 M.2X16 boards and with a bunch of M.2 drives. My investment on this with the expectation that VROC will be available at some point is mounting. I'm not worried though I have every confidence in Asus, they seem to always get things right for me, if you know of some email alert list that I can get on when keys are available please share. By the way I don't see this as an issue that Asus created, I blame everything on intel on this.

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