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    Question Asus ROG GL752VW Battery replacement suggestion

    Problem and Background:
    I buought Asus ROG GL752VW T4108D laptop about a year ago and issues i am having are

    1. Battery drains much faster ,on windows 10, even though battery indicates 1 hr, 40 minutes remaining for use but after 10 minutes, it is back to 50 minutes and so on. ( i am only opening chrome for normal browsing during this time. no other app)
    2. Battery does not charge upto 100%. It stucks at 78% and will not charge beyond it

    I have already tried to calibrate battery many times but is of no use
    == > drain to 0 and then charge again many hours to ensure 100% charge

    Suggestion Required:
    It seems I will need to replace battery. If not please suggest if I missed anything.
    Since I am going to change my battery, I want to go for one that has more time and power than the standard one
    1. What is modal of original battery for Asus ROG GL752VW T4108D
    2. Can someone please suggest battery model etc as per my requirement with more power and time

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