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    Question Asus X99-a II + bluetooth help

    I've got an intel wireless adapter (AC-7260) with bluetooth, and although the wi-fi works fine, I can't seem to get the bluetooth to work. Instead, I get "Device Descriptor Request Failed" on the device manager. My motherboard is an X99-a II, pretty much brand new, and I'm installing exactly as the manual says, so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. (Yes, I've updated the bios.)

    I did install the card successfully months ago, after some effort, but I can't remember what I did-- and then last month my previous mobo broke down and took my processor along with it, and then my father got a nasty diagnosis, and my job started screwing with my payment, and suffice to say right now I don't have the patience and brainpower to headbutt this problem for several weeks until a solution presents itself. I could use some help on this.

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