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    I got tired of this ... I will sell them and I will change my helmets

    I'm thinking of buying logitech g699 to change them for the centurion ... the sound is downright bad. in all aspects, after the last update even in 2.0 stereo to more than 70% volume backfires everything and the bass distorts in a way out of the normal ... it seems that the speaker is literally broken.

    Then, for example, in games with Bf1, the sound never works because of the transference ... it's chaos ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by poo417 View Post
    So it's now two weeks later and I still have had no contact from AsusUK regarding this. This is really starting to piss me off! I have had a few PM's from MasterC to say he has poked a few people but they seem to be completely ignoring the fact they have basically stolen £250 worth of equipment from me and haven't even bothered to get off their backsides to solve this problem. Not even a phone call or email to acknowledge the issue.

    This is quickly heading towards spamming every tech forum with links to this forum section just to see how Asus likes to treat their customers. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt with the hardware swap. However, the fact is this pile of rubbish got to market clearly without any checks or quality control and even now there are still problems with the sound performance after several broken firmware updates.

    I am one REALLY unhappy customer!
    I'm in the exact same situation, James from Asus UK contacted me and told me that they wanted EVERYTHING sent back before they would replace the headset. I was expecting everything back as new. I've also contacted MasterC who said he would get in touch with the UK team but I've heard nothing and he didn't even acknowledge my previous follow up message. I've also tried customer support but they have no record of this replacement so it doesn't sound like they want to help me. I've also PM'd another Asus employee but up to now no reply.

    I'm sorry MasterC but that bit of information is far too late for us that were asked to send everything back. I sent mine back in September and Bahz was still here at that point..... How the hell do I get my Audio Station and fabric ear cushions back? I've got nothing against you MasterC but you are my contact for this replacement so I don't know why you don't appear to want to help. Hell, I'd be happy if you said you'd tried your best to get it sorted and you point me in the direction of the people I need to pester to get my parts back. A contact Email or even a phone number would be immensely helpful.

    Why administrators on a forum are given the responsibility of replacing defective products I'll never understand. Not because they can't be entrusted to do it but because Asus have a Customer Support section which deals with this type of thing. It's like having a job that deals with a certain aspect of a company then somebody dumps a load of work on your desk that is totally unrelated to your job. It absolutely baffles me.

    This is now four people to my knowledge that were asked to send back everything. Why isn't anybody from Asus willing to help us out when we've done nothing wrong? I've been nothing but polite and understanding up to now because mistakes happen but my patience is starting to wear thin now.

    I was wondering about making a call to Asus UK today and see if they know anything about this exchange of Centurion headsets. Somebody somewhere within Asus has been arranging this.
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    I rand Asus customer care today and they have no clue, told me to email support as they have no direct line. Getting angry now and I either want the full headset back with stand, ear cups the lot or my £290 back I paid. This is getting out of hand now with no information and none seems to have a clue.

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