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    Rog g20 cb cpu upgrade

    Hello Asus ROG Community!

    Since this is my first post, try to be gentle to me since I'm a noob regarding upgrading PCs.
    First of all here are my current specs (prebuilt).

    NVIDIA GTX 1080
    Intel i7-6700

    Other stuff doesn't really matter that much.

    My problem here is a game called CS:GO. It's a really CPU heavy game which means my i7-6700 is bottlenecking.
    Since I'm playing on a quite high resolution (1920x1440), my game tends to drop from 300+ fps all the way down to 140 or even lower!

    This is really bad since you need a stable 200+ fps in CS:GO in order for it to be considered fluid.

    Now my wish would be to upgrade my current CPU to something better in order to get a stable 300 FPS.
    I have no idea which CPUs I should consider since I'm not sure what exactly my lovely G20 can run without further tweaks.
    If someone could tell me what's possible with this PC and if it's even worth it, I would be really thankful.

    Thanks in advance

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