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    Will this setup work ??


    It's been years since I've build my last computer, hence I am a little rusty. Will you please look over this configuration, and give your recommendations.

    Chassi : Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass
    MB : Asus ROG Maximus X Formula
    Processor : Intel i7-8700K
    Power Supply : Corsair TC-M 750 - Acutally not sure about the PSU, when going for liquid cooling. Assume it takes some extra power to run the pump ?
    Memory : Corsair 32Gb, but how many Mhz ? The MB supports all it seems (more or less), but the CPU said 2666MHz on the memory.
    Graphics : NVidia Rog-Strix-GTX1080Ti
    Storage : SSD M.2 for the OS + SSD #2 for normal data.

    For the cooling I just put the config on I hope that covers it (
    Perhaps add an extra radiator + fans to mount in the front (?)

    Any thoughts, comments or recommendations ?? All inputs are appreciated, since I pretty much have to start from scratch.

    Thank you!

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    jab383 PC Specs
    Motherboard24/7 rig : Maximus VI Extreme
    Processori7 4790K
    Memory (part number)16GB Mushkin Redline 2400 10-12-12-28 + 16GB Corsair Vengeance 2400 10-12-12-31
    Graphics Card #1AMD Firepro W5000
    Sound CardM6E Supreme FX
    MonitorDell U2413
    Storage #1Kingston SH103S3240G SSD
    Storage #2Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB
    CPU CoolerCustom water loop, Delidded, Liquid Metal TIM
    CaseCoolerMaster HAF XM
    Power SupplyCorsair HX-750
    Keyboard Logitech G710+
    Mouse Logitech M705
    OS Windows 7 64 Pro
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    Looks like good, compatible choices, and great for gaming with that 1080ti. Custom water loop cooling is a great choice and fits right into the M10F crosschill. I suggest adding a sensor for water temperature. Mine is attached to the fitting at the radiator inlet. The motherboard BIOS fan controller can use the water temperature to control the radiator fans.

    The memory rating on the CPU is just intel's no-risk guarantee. The CPU and board can handle faster speeds than 2666. Let the M10F memory rating be your guide. How much is worth it to you depends on what use you'll make of it. 3200 to 3600 speeds should be easy to do using XMP. Expect higher cost for the higher clocks. For the sort of gaming a 1080ti can do, you could perhaps justify 3600 memory. The Formula isn't the greatest for competitive overclocking, so I don't think any memory 3800 or higher will do you any good at all.

    The need for extra PSU capacity with water cooling comes from the temptation to overclock. With stock clocks and XMP memory speed, 750 watts will work well. It depends how you're going to use it. Call it 50 watts for the motherboard, ethernet port, audio, USB, storage, etc. Another 20 watts for pump and fans. Four-core CPU power can easily get over 150 watts when pushed. Add another 350 watts for a pushed water cooled 1080ti and you've filled a 750-watt PSU past its most efficient operating point. For a mildly overclocked gaming rig, I'd suggest a 1000 watt PSU. I use a 1200 watt PSU for serious competitive overclocking. Skimping on the PSU is an easy way to invite mysterious troubles.

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    Great, appreciate the input !
    A sensor and a bigger PSU, got it.
    Thanks Jab

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    a 860W PSU will serv you well on this setup unless you add second GPU.
    if its only CPU you gona cool a 240 - 360 rad is good enough.
    but 2 components i recoment a rad surface of 480 ( 4 fan slots of cooling ).
    thumb ruke is 2 fan slots per component when normal/oc, of heavy OC i would say 3 fan slots per component.
    and some good fans that is made for cooling the rads down good ( not RPM but MMH2O ( how mutch it can push ( not in CFM ) ) ).
    so a rate of MMH2O of 1.3 and upwards.
    just an example ->
    go to specs and you will see what i mean about MMH2O or you can google it.
    i did use the e-loops on my rig when i had it under water.
    i used a fan controller to controll the fan speed on them since i had a few in my case, had 1080 worth of rad space in it to cool cpu and 2 gpu's.

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