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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashZone View Post
    No doubt win-10 has issues and will always have them seeing the large build release practice
    10 Home version one takes the most hits
    All versions Home and Pro do too but Pro has at least the better options in control or at least the illusion of control if you can get by Microsoft wording play

    Either way Adobe heck they also have issues and have always had them = horrible support....

    Disabling turbo is an automatic if on a x299 series and X series chip set anyway because of heat issues unless one is willing to delid the cpu which voids Intel warranty.

    So you already posted the fix so thanks for that information it is a new one to me seeing I love win-7 a lot more than 10
    I don't use any Adobe software my short tour with cc2016 was well short
    I'll never rent an os or a program/ app... in win-10 terms

    Win-7 rules or at least till 2020
    A lot of your beef seems to stem from Windows 8 and maybe early versions of Windows 10.

    Windows 10 has matured quite a bit since then and there are apps you can download to take more control of the OS. You can turn off most, if not all ads and tracking. You lose some features such as automatic bug reporting and troubleshooting wizard, but it's there if you want it.

    WIN10 even has Linux Bash now. You know you could always dual boot which is what i'd do if your worried about compatibility. Asking Asus to dedicate time for windows 7 users is a big ask. This year is crazy for Asus and they over committed their resources by releasing so many motherboards at once.

    The R6E has not gotten a good solid Bios Update in a couple of months and that's very strange for the Rampage Series. IIRC 1020 is only a bug fix update for the memory and 0804 came out in september. I really wish Raja could get his boss to approve more R&D time on the R6E so we get more feature updates and compatibility fixes.

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