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    Exclamation Drivers?? flexibel installs.. and more.

    Hey all.
    as always i try to reinstall once there is a Huge windows 10 release out.
    This time arround i started thinking..
    i want my system stable but clean from unwanted stuff.
    I use my pc to game and make music and i have the Hero IX motherboard and when i started to look arround there are some info that makes me wonder..

    Lets start with the Audio Drivers.
    There is no customization to the installer, it installs everything .. i dont need the Sonic stuff Never used it and so i remove that after it is installed.
    i would be nice to atleast be able to be able to choose Full install or drivers only.
    The ASIO drivers does not even work (i use a USB INTERFACE so i dont realy need the ASUS ASIO and would like it not to be installed)
    It should not be so hard to make a driuver install like this 1 full. 2. drivers only and a opto tickbox for Install ASIO drivers.

    Next up Intel chipset inf (called drivers for some reason) and Intel magament.
    Intel INF .. Why do i nead them? according to intel and some other places they dont contain any drivers and for windows 10 its not needed.. if this is so i dont get the point of ASUS posting them =)
    Intel management... DONT have a clue what it does. and it seams to be in windows already?

    now.. what are your thoughts?
    can i get a clean audio driver from ASUS and if so where do i go for it =)
    Should i realy care for the Intel inf on windows 10?

    thanks for any input

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    Intel chipset is a must. The MEI drivers aren't necessary if you don't plan to use AI Suite. Personally I never install it.

    If you don't need the Sonic software, you can get the audio driver directly from the Realtek site.

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