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    Strix Wireless - Buzzing noise when plugged in

    There's a really annoying buzzing noise coming from the left ear all the time.
    If I turn my head a specific direction it cuts out, but only in that specific position.
    The buzzing is appearing as soon as the red light on the wireless module starts lighting up.
    When I plug it in the USB port, there's no issue, it's only as soon as the light is lit which I reckon is when it's connected to the headset.

    The buzzing seems less intense if I plug it into my USB3.0 hub instead of directly into the pc, but it's still there.
    I reckon this must a software issue since the buzzing is only active when connected to the wireless module.

    I'm running Win7 x64

    I want this resolved please. Expensive headphones shouldn't have issues like this.

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