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    Status Update on the PG279Q Displays

    Wrong Model this is in regards to the PG279Q (sorry for confusion)

    So I've been reading as much as I can about this monitor and I am seriously concerned about pulling the trigger on two of these.

    Problem is a lot of what I read seems to be older posts about the blb and IPS glow (which having owned and worked with serveral IPS panels question that the IPS glow was even an issue to begin with and not just the bi-product of the technology) problem but I wonder what the current state of the monitors out there are. I have come across a couple posts here and there from Oct. and Nov. where the montiors the ppl received had issues but the dates on the monitors were from 2016.

    Aside from this I have not seen anything from Asus or posts giving me any confidence that Asus seriously took action in fixing the back light bleed issue considering post of ppl having issues still followed after this post having bought monitors outside these serial numbers and far more current build dates.

    I have been an Asus consumer for a long time and have been happy with their products. This is a serious concern though and before I spend $1400+ would just like something that would help me feel that Asus did not wash their hands of the problems and left consumers to an RMA/Lottery nightmare and feel there is nothing more they can do. Accepting the problem and fully content with it.

    IPS Glow in the many pictures looked normal to me, but the blb is another story.

    Appreciate any update from Asus or recent buyers of the monitor and their experience with the blb to help me make the decision.
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