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    GL 702VM frame issues

    Alright so I have a Asus GL702VM laptop which has the following:

    GTX 1060

    Intel Core i7-6700

    12 gigs of ram

    I feel like I should be getting much higher frames in games. In OW, Ill get say 90-120 and Ill dip down to the 40-50's every now and then.

    Battlefield 1 gets rather choppy when I have it on max. 50 to 60

    The Forest can be 40-80. Get dips in places like caves and dense areas on medium to hgih

    I dont know but I just feel I am not using the maximum power of this thing. I feel like some power is missing without me having to overclock things.

    Any help or input would be very appreciated

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    on bf1 have it on high custom, or just set it to auto.
    stil buggs on the max res.

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