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    GL502VMK Windows 10 Creators Update FPS Issues

    Updated to this a few weeks ago and having FPS issues with certain games wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. Currently running 1709 build of Windows 10. Also tried several tricks listed out there on the internet about the creators update and hasn't fixed the problem. Tried disabling Game Mode, Game DVR, disabling full screen optimizations, updating video card drivers, disabling vsync and/or GSYNC. None worked.

    The issue seems somewhat related to the game running in windowed mode. Running Planet Coaster in windowed/borderless mode there is obvious frame drops and stuttering in the game that was not present previously. However, switching to full screen mode solves the issue. Same thing happens with EVE Online, running in windowed mode there is stuttering and lag, but switching to full screen it runs smooth.

    However, running older games, like Quake 1, it runs terrible in software mode in fullscreen, but runs fine in windowed mode. Other games like Kerbal Space Program, the lag happens at completely random times regardless of being in fullscreen or windowed mode.

    Some other games, such as GTA V and Total War Warhammer I and II are not effected what-so-ever and run well. My desktop also recently updated to the creators update as well and doesn't have any of these issues like the laptop does with running these games listed.

    This seems like it might be a driver issue or something else. Has anyone else with this update ran into similar issues? I don't want to go through the hassle of reinstalling windows to encounter the same issues.

    P.S. Also I had to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome as YouTube would not play videos properly and lag very bad during fullscreen videos set at 1080p. Also the audio would cut out and glitch when a Chrome tab was switched or window was minimized.

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