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    2 dead subpixels in ~10 months on asus gl553vd

    Hi everyone!
    I've got such a dissapointing thing - 2 dead pixel on such a beautiful dispaly. First dead subpixel, green, appeared in two weeks, second, blue subpixel of another pixel - few days before (i.e. ~ 10 monts). I know it is yet out of warranty - I need 5 dead subpixels until first year expired - but I wonder if it is normal. Is it in borders of "normal" random disfunction or I got bad LCD panel? Should I get it replased even out of warranty? Do you have any dead pixels?
    I'm looking forward for your replies.

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    Because we can not make sure what's happening of your monitor via this thread, we might suggest you take your product to our service center for comprehensive inspection and help you to fix the problem. Sorry for the trouble.
    The following is the contact information:
    Also you can contact the local service center for help. The following is the contact information:

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