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    Hey all, really thankful for all the tips that you've been posting in this thread, makes me feel I'm not so alone since I have the same exact problem. I've tried all of the solutions previously posted but nothing has worked; rolling back to RS2 with both official ASUS Nvidia drivers and the most recent one from Nvidia website, changing the power option to maximum performance, and most recently, I tried your solution @Cypher7123. I'm currently using RS3 windows and installed the latest drivers but got BSOD. Did the check disc command you pointed out but I still get the BSOD just by doing normal tasks in the PC. My only option has been to stick to the official drivers (382.53), but that implies go back to square one: the GPU is not recognized, and when I disable - reenable the video card in device manager, it does shows up in Nvidia control panel and games load, but the performance is really lousy, very low FPS with constant video lag.

    I hope I can get some tips! thanks in advance guys
    Only difference is in the BSOD you get for any driver >382.53 but <390 is DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, but in 390.65 you get some VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. I'm also forced to be back to 382.53 drivers, after a lot of experimentation including changing TDR settings in registry. And as I type this, the nvidia driver crashed. Looks like it must go again in full heat mode of maximum performance or use Intel graphics for daily use, and reboot before gaming... that is the only solution for now.

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