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    z590 maximus hero Vcore

    I am trying to Overclock my 10900k but when I set my voltage to manual and it it at 1.35 in the bios, my monitoring software says I am shooting up to 1.525v. I am using HWInfo. Also on HWMonitor, cpuz all say it's reading over a volt higher then what I have it set at. Any idea why it is doing this? I turned off MCE so the board shouldn't be trying to take over. Most things are set to auto. I have xmp2 profile, 1.35v on ram, LLC 4, 1.35v on vcore and 5.2ghz. Not really any other changes in regards to the overclocking side of things.

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    I have the same problem but then when I checked the hw info64 or Aida64 Extreme it is staying at max 1.35V during cinabench stress test
    But CPUID ROG CPU-Z says it is at 1.504v which is strange to me also.
    i have the I9 10900k SP 63 at 5.1Ghz set in the bios at 1.39V and its not going over 1.35V
    i have it on 5.1Ghz because of I do it at 5.2Ghz its get all the way up to 95C During Cinabench R23.
    now at 5.1Ghz Â*its getting 79C max during the same test.

    Hardware I use:

    Motherboard Asus Rog Maximus xiii z590
    CPU 19 10900k sp 63
    CPU Cooler NZXT Z73
    MEM G Skills 32GB Tridentz Royal drr 4 3600Mhz CL14
    GPU Msi 3080 Suprim x
    HD m2 Samsung 980 1TB
    Power Corsair Rm1000i Gold
    Case Thermaltake a500
    CInabench R23 Score is 16739 Cpu Multi Test

    As what I have seen with other who does overclock it at 5.2ghz the score is not much higher or even lower then mine. check the V and Temp During tress and then see if its staying under 1.35v temps not higher then 90 beter 85 or even 80.*

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