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    Zephyrus GX501VIK Audio Drivers, Idle fan-noise and BIOS update.

    Hi there fellow Zephyrus GX501VIK owners! (and ASUS representatives if you're reading this)

    Did anyone else manage to get the Realtek Audio drivers from ASUS Download Center to install successfully?
    I did a full format of the HD to get rid of piles of junk (I know, bad idea). Everything else but the Audio driver installs fine. At the end of every installation I get "Error -0001" Audio is working fine with the driver from Windows Update, but the Sonic Audio is bundled together with the driver from ASUS. I've been in contact with ASUS support several times about this issue, but they are just telling me that it's my own fault, and there is nothing they can do about it.

    Does anyone else have the fans spinning for no reason? Even if the laptop is not running any demanding applications, the fans are making quite a lot of noise. The air that flows out is completely cold. Bad calibration of some sensors maybe? This leads me to my next question, the BIOS.

    I've read several places online that some owners got their laptops shipped with BIOS 300. The latest BIOS version on ASUS support page is after several months still version 201. I'm finding this a little strange. Is there any release notes telling what's been improved in this new version? Is there any way of getting this?


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